Building a more reliable source for natural stone.

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Working with the industry to build a better long term solution

Quarries and Distributors are looking for a more reliable and transparent solution to buying and selling natural stone. StoneLoads was started by quarriers to streamline the buying process and make it easier for distributors to buy more stone.

Connecting Quarries and Distributors Online

Quarries are making it simple to order from them on StoneLoads.

The amazing team behind StoneLoads

CEO & Founder

Patrick’s business insight from ideation to implementation across his career trajectory has led him to his current position as CEO of two companies - StoneLoads, a B2B marketplace for the natural stone industry, and quarrier and fabricator, Majestic Stone. With a background in finance and an MBA from Samford University, his career expands over several industries including private equity, salvage, legal, tech, and building materials.

Co-Founder & COO

John's journey into entrepreneurship began with a stint in the outdoor product industry, where his passion for business development was started. Transitioning into the natural stone sector, and partnering with a colleague who had acquired a stone quarry, John jumped into sales, sparking a time of questioning the norms in the industry. Recognizing the scarcity of innovation in the field, John and his partner challenged traditional methodologies, constantly seeking innovative solutions. This mindset led to the launch of StoneLoads in May 2022.

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Instagram - Brix Templates
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